Former LBPD Detective Arrested on Conspiracy Charges

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Long Beach Police Cars

Long Beach Police – Photo by Barbara Holbrook, Everything Long Beach

On Thursday, December 5, 2013, the Long Beach Police Department arrested Yvonne Robinson, a former Long Beach police officer, and Prentice Jones who is a member of a criminal street gang, for conspiracy to obstruct justice with a gang enhancement of knowingly aiding a criminal street gang.

On June 13, 2012, the Long Beach Police Department announced the arrest of 16 members of the Baby Insane Crip criminal street gang for a variety of criminal charges. These included charges against two members who were involved in the Long Beach murder of 19-year-old Frank Castro in November of 2009.

During the course of that investigation, detectives learned that someone in the gang was being provided details of the murder investigation to aid the suspects involved in that case. The leaked information appeared to come from someone within the police department and a full-scale criminal investigation was launched.

Detectives worked diligently to identify the source and to determine how much information was leaked. In May 2012, detectives learned the individual providing the information was Yvonne Robinson, a detective in the Youth Services Section of the Investigations Bureau.

Although Robinson was a fellow officer, detectives did not hesitate to investigate one of their own and thoroughly examine all leads in this complex case.

In order to gather evidence to prove Robinson’s role in this crime, she was placed under surveillance. Over the course of several months, detectives were able to gather sufficient evidence to determine that Robinson was utilizing her position as a detective to review police reports and provide information to Jones, a known gang member and brother to Robinson’s brother-in-law. After Jones received the information, he passed it on to the leaders of the gang.

In July of 2012, Robinson was placed on administrative leave, stripped of her police powers, and removed from her position as a police officer, while the Police Department conducted an administrative investigation. Upon conclusion of the administrative investigation, Robinson’s employment was terminated on March 7, 2013.

This complex case was submitted to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Justice System Integrity Division, who thoroughly reviewed it and filed criminal charges. The complaint includes 21 overt acts showing the conspiracy between Robinson and Jones. The District Attorney’s Office subsequently issued arrest warrants for Robinson and Jones.

On Thursday, December 5, 2013, Long Beach Police arrested Robinson, 42 years old, in the City of Carson, and arrested Jones, 24 years old, in the City of Long Beach. They were booked into the Los Angeles County Jail on $60,000 bail, pending their arraignment. Both posted bail on December 6, 2013.

Police Chief Jim McDonnell stated, “Police Department employees are held accountable to the highest standards, and the Department takes immediate action to address employee misconduct. It is extremely disappointing when the behavior of one individual undermines the public trust that this Department works so hard to uphold. We will not tolerate actions that dishonor the badge that we wear so proudly. The men and women of our Department work diligently every day to do the right thing and to provide excellent service to our community. The acts of the one shouldn’t outweigh the acts of the many.”


One Response to “Former LBPD Detective Arrested on Conspiracy Charges”
  1. JAG GAYNOR says:

    Over the past couple of decades it seems L.B.P.D. is always involved in some kind of scandal. Questionable police shootings and plenty of police brutality. And I’m not someone who disrespects law enforcement. I thank them for their service the same way I do military personnel, but L.B.P.D., not a real HUGE department like L.A.P.D, has had way too much controversy too often for its small size. Just sayin’.