Forum on Homeless in Downtown Long Beach

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On September 15th, 2014, at 7pm, the Downtown Residential Council (DRC) will hold its September Forum at L’Opera Ristorante, 101 Pine Avenue. The Forum will feature presentations on Homeless in Downtown Long Beach. Speakers from the Health and Human Services Department, Police Department, Downtown Long Beach Associates and Mental Health America will provide information on this important topic.

Long Beach currently has a population of approximately 3533 people who are experiencing homelessness. There is an extensive network of public agencies, non-profit organizations, religious groups and volunteers who focus on this issue.

Downtown has the largest concentration of people who are homeless in Long Beach. Urban residents who are interested in this subject are encouraged to attend. There will be opportunities to ask questions of the experts.

Deputy City Manager Tom Modica will also give a brief presentation on the city’s proposal to install Smart Parking Meters in Long Beach.

The Downtown Residential Council is composed of resident leaders from the six Downtown neighborhood associations: Promenade Area Residents Association, Ocean Residents Community Association, North Pine Neighborhood Alliance, West Gateway Community Association, Willmore City Heritage Association, and East Village Association.

“The DRC has representatives from a cross section of downtown residents within our affiliated neighborhood organization members. We share a common goal and passion for helping to make our urban neighborhoods desirable and enjoyable places to live and work. While there is the human concern for the plight of people living on the streets, it also affects our public safety and economy,” said Joe Ganem, DRC President.

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