Find Nearly-Free Things to Do for Kids in Long Beach

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free things to do for kids long beachParents that have been looking into summer camps for kids, may be shocked to realize that it could cost more $500 per week to keep two kids occupied from 9 to 3 every day. Long Beach has several affordable day camp programs through the Parks and Recreation or Cal Stat Long Beach 49ers, but families with multiple children may still find the costs prohibitive.

This year, parents may want to consider getting more creative or pooling resources with neighbors. With a little ingenuity you can entertain your kids for free or nearly free over the summer months.

Here are some fun ideas for cheap things to do this summer with kids!

Library and Bookstore Programs

In addition to regular year-round storytimes, many libraries and bookstores ramp up their summertime offerings for kids to include craft classes, visits by authors, and book clubs — all at a low cost, and sometimes absolutely free. Local libraries may even host magicians, clowns, cartoonists, and more. Check for more information.

Free Day at the Museum

Most museums, including MoLAA and LBMA, have at least one day per month where admission is free. Sunday is family day at the Museum of Latin American Art and Long Beach Museum of Art has a free family Artmaking workshops the third Sunday of each month. Verify with the museum for additional details.

Youth Programs Through the Church

Week-long day camps and vacation bible schools are a mainstay for many church youth programs. Usually the cost is minimal as the programs are subsidized by the church. The kids are treated to crafts, songs, outdoor activities, and more. If you plan it right, you can sign up for several camps at different churches in your area. Sometimes parents are enlisted for staffing, snacks, etc., so be aware of the requirements before you commit. Also check out free movies for the whole family at Bixby Knolls Christian Church.

Start a Babysitting Co-op

Your friends with kids are in the same position you are — a long summer with no relief in sight. Team up with your friends or neighbors to provide support for each other. Enlist several of your friends with kids, and each family takes one day a week to host the kids for three or four hours. One day per week in exchange for three or four days of freedom is a great bargain!

Another cheap babysitting idea is Parents Night Out, a monthly program through Long Beach Parks and Recreation that invites kids for an evening of playful fun in the park so parents can enjoy a little playtime of their own.

Having enough activities for your children this summer doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can keep your family active and happy all summer long by seeking out free things to do in Long Beach. Have fun for very little money and create a summer full of fun!

What are you favorite free things to do during the summer? Leave a comment and share your ideas with other families!

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