Free Wifi in Long Beach’s Parks Proposed by Vice Mayor Garcia

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Fraudulent LA County Fire Department E-mail ReportedVice Mayor Robert Garcia has proposed legislation for the February 5 City Council agenda that would seek to provide free Wireless Internet access (wifi) in Long Beach’s parks. Currently, free Wifi is available at City Hall, the Airport, and most libraries, with the remainder of libraries scheduled to have it this year.

“Long Beach has shown great leadership on technology issues, and we need to continue to provide cutting-edge services to our residents and businesses.” said Garcia. “Wifi in parks has become standard in many cities, and this will help solidify our position as a digital technology leader.”
Long Beach has been named a top-ten digital city two years in a row, due to investment in digital technology, as exemplified by the Go Long Beach smartphone application, the use of social media, the consolidation of document management systems, online streaming video, extended fiber optics connections, new online permits and licenses, Internet-based phone technology, virtual servers and workstations, and many other accomplishments.

Since posting the idea on Facebook over the weekend, almost 600 people have liked the post.

Wireless Internet access has become a standard amenity in many public spaces around the country. Many professionals need to be mobile and choose to spend many working hours away from the office – if they even have an office. Mobility and instant access to information and communication has become more important to many professionals than having an office or a paid staff. Young, creative members of the workforce in particular expect reliable WiFi service to be available in an urban environment.

Numerous cities provide free wifi in many parks, including San Francisco and New York. The State of California also provides wifi access in State parks.


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