French Immersion Preschool Opens in Area

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first-french-tutoringParents grappling with where to enroll their preschoolers for language lessons can breathe a sigh of relief as the Greater Long Beach area welcomed its first French Immersion Preschool yesterday, January 15.

First French Tutoring, a language immersion program for students of all ages, still has a few spaces left for preschoolers ages 3-5 years old. Classes began on January 15 and are held Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-12noon. Enrollment is $ 130.00 for a 5 months course, registration fee is $ 120.00 and covers the cost of materials.

Founder Chantal Harzig, a Parisian-born teacher credentialed by the state of California, will teach the class of students using fun and age-appropriate lessons. The children will learn vocabulary through song and storytelling with phonics playing a pivotal role in their language development.

“Teaching French is my passion,” said Harzig. “This is a great age to introduce children to a second language because they absorb the information like a sponge. Typically, kids don’t begin learning a second language in public schools until middle school and, even then, it’s an elective. The early a child is encouraged to learn a new language, the easier it will be for them to speak, write and understand it.”

Studies show that children who begin learning a second language at a young age develop natural pronunciation, tend to be less inhibited, and can often learn and grasp subsequent languages. In most high schools students are required to take at least two years of a foreign language, and the French Immersion Program for preschoolers give children a major head start.

In addition to teaching preschool, Harzig also offers private and semi-private French lessons for people of all ages. She uses a conversational style of teaching that helps to immerse students in the language using every day common phrases and words to further the process. She offers courses that address French as a second language as well as French for native speakers. Additional curriculum offered includes advanced placement and SAT preparation, timeline of French history and literature, and a conversational-only program that focuses on dialogue and current events. Harzig’s corporate program helps executives learn the language from a business standpoint for corporations dealing with French-speaking companies. These classes can be taught on-site.

First French Tutoring Preschool still has a few spaces left for its spring semester beginning next week on January 15. For information on enrollment for preschool or another program, contact 562.304.0121 or visit online at

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