Garcia Proposes Elimination of Mandatory Bicycle Registration

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pair-of-bikes Garcia  Proposes Elimination of Mandatory Bicycle Registration

Photo by Matthew Trentacoste

Councilmember Robert Garcia has proposed legislation that would eliminate mandatory bicycle registration in Long Beach, making registration completely voluntary. The motion will be heard by City Council on Tuesday, December 14.

“This supports Long Beach’s mission to be the Most Bicycle Friendly City in America,” Garcia said. “I’m proud of everything Long Beach is doing when it comes to bicycles, and I’m going to ensure we remain a leader on this issue.”

The motion is cosponsored by Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal and Councilmember Gary DeLong, and comes in the wake of bike advocates airing their grievances before City Council last month. Bike advocates are united in support of changing the law from mandatory registration to voluntary.

“This move will cut the red tape at City Hall for cyclists and families that own bicycles,” said Garcia. “The registration program hasn’t worked well, and voluntary registration just makes more sense.”

Currently, bicycle registration in Long Beach is only available at certain fire stations for three hours on weekends, and then only if firefighters are available. Most cyclists do not register their bikes, and Long Beach is the only city in the area where registration is mandatory, not voluntary.

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