Garcia proposes Jobs for Vets ballot proposition for November 2010

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jobs-for-veterans garcia charter amendmentCity Councilmember Robert Garcia proposed today an amendment to the Long Beach City Charter that would increase the preference given to veterans on exams for jobs in the City of Long Beach from 10 to 15 points. It would also allow the spouses of a veteran who is 10% disabled or more to receive the same preference. Currently, a veteran must be at least 30% disabled for the veteran’s spouse to receive any preference.

“Our men and women in uniform put their lives at risk every day to keep us safe and free,” said Garcia. “I am committed to ensuring that Long Beach is doing all we can to show our gratitude when they return home, and this is one way we can help them make the often difficult transition back to civilian life.”

Many cities and states, and the Federal Government, have long awarded additional points on civil service job examinations to veterans of the United States Armed Forces, as long as a passing score is achieved.

The proposed veterans charter amendment will require the approval of a majority of voters in November.

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