Councilmember Garcia Pushes for Dedicated Bike and Pedestrian Lane Into the Design Plan for the Gerald Desmond bridge

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gerald-desmond-bridge Bike & Pedestrian Dedicated Lane Councilmember GarciaLast night, we took an important step towards replacing one of our most important transportation and infrastructure assets, the aging and outdated Gerald Desmond Bridge. The City Council voted to support the Final Environmental Impact Report.

This project will improve traffic, boost local job creation, and support the local economy. We must also ensure that the new Gerald Desmond is architecturally significant and environmentally sustainable. We should advocate for no less than an iconic structure that inspires and is visionary.

While the most significant benefit will be the local jobs and economic stimulus, I am excited about the following 3 developments:

Bike & Pedestrian Dedicated Lane
Thanks to the your support and advocacy, the Port has agreed to include a dedicated bike and pedestrian lane into the design plan that will go out to bid. This is a huge win for those of us who support increased bike and pedestrian mobility.

Lighting Plan
For over a year, I have been advocating for a lighting plan to be included in the EIR for the Gerald Desmond bridge. This is important so that we create a bridge that is not only iconic during the day, but that makes a statement at night. A lighting plan will ensure that we create a structure that will light up the Long Beach skyline.

Bridge Design Review
While a basic bridge design concept has been presented to the community, the final design has not been selected. The Port of Long Beach has agreed to include our local architectural community for feedback and input on the new bridge design. We only have one shot at building this new icon, so we need to include our best and brightest architects.

We are working together to build a better Long Beach, and the new bridge will be something we can all be proud of.

Go Long Beach!


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One Response to “Councilmember Garcia Pushes for Dedicated Bike and Pedestrian Lane Into the Design Plan for the Gerald Desmond bridge”
  1. The same lane for pedestrians and bikes! This will <> do. I am already tired of people on bikes acting as if they own the sidewalk. I have been injured three times by people on bicycles because it was not physically possible for me to get out of their way.

    I had a torn ligament in my left knee because some woman with a fancy child trailer whizzed by me and hit me in the back of the leg and then yelled at because she was worried that I had hurt her to kids. When she found out I was injured, she did not help me, she just took off. She was obviously very well off financially and never took a shred of responsibility for what she did.

    Where I live, I can not walk so much as two blocks without people on bicycles rudely demanding that I get out of their way. They have not right to make pedestrians get out of their way. They have no business on the sidewalk to begin with.

    Get the bicycles off the sidewalk.