George’s Greek Café: Anniversary party marks a decade on Pine Avenue

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georges greek cafe 10 year anniversary

A Family Restaurant: (left to right) George Loizides, Rip Loizides and Demitri Loizides

Thursday will mark the 10-year anniversary of George’s Greek Café in Downtown Long Beach. From its start on 3rd and Pine to its new location between 1st and Broadway, George’s boasts the same great food, quality and friendly staff. On December 17, the official 1999 opening date, the Loizides family is throwing a bash to give back to those that have supported the restaurant all of these years.

The private party is expected to be quite the affair with live music from Tango Nato, kicking off the evening. The night will start with everyone’s favorite Mezethes (appetizers) which will be served along with hosted drinks.  And, of course, no Greek gathering would be complete without dancing — where it will be hard to miss George out there doing his thing. Opa!

“When we first opened our doors, we looked at this as more than just a restaurant, but more like we were inviting people into our home. We know many of our regulars feel that way as well,” says Demitri Loizides, known by friends and regulars as “Jimmy.” “We are thankful for all of the customers that have supported us over the years. That is why we work as hard as we do. They are who have kept us in business this long.”

In support of this event many of George’s food and beverage vendors have chipped in to say “thank you” for 10 years of business. A fun awards ceremony will give special recognition to a few notables including Peter Fotis and Russ Hillas of Fotis & Sons for their years of service with George’s.

About Georges Greek Café

Father and son team, George and Demitri Loizides welcome everyone that walks through the door to their “little piece of Greece” in Southern California. George’s Greek Café  is truly a family affair. The restaurant’s success has led to expansion and George’s Greek Café can now be found in three locations.

  • 135 Pine Avenue, Long Beach
  • 5316 East 2nd Street, Belmont Shore
  • 5252 Faculty Avenue, Lakewood

For more information visit George’s Greek Café online at


3 Responses to “George’s Greek Café: Anniversary party marks a decade on Pine Avenue”
  1. Perry Walker says:

    So let me get this straight. George’s Greek Café is announcing a private party? In other words, George’s Greek Café is announcing to all Long Beach that it is having a private party and you can’t come? It makes no sense and why is there no location or time for the December 17th party?

    • Editor says:

      George’s is announcing their 10th Anniversary. There are business owners and diners that may want to congratulate them. The party is something that the restaurant is doing to celebrate. Unfortunately, we’re not invited, but residents that live near Pine Avenue might start wondering what all the hoopla is about on Thursday night.

  2. Leilani says:

    I thought private parties were supposed to be private, so thanks for letting us know we are not important enough to participate!
    How about doing something special for the people (customers) who made it possible for Georges to have so much success?