Girl Scout Cookies: Pre-order cookies for February delivery

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Girl Scout’s Cookie season officially kicked off on January 16 and girls across the country donned their green uniforms and began their door-to-door quest. Girl Scouts are taking pre-orders now; cookies will be delivered February 18–24 and pop-up cookie booths will show up around February 26.

Mia, from Long Beach troop #1153, had her order sheet in hand at the We Love Long Beach breakfast in Wrigley on Sunday. In between balloons and pancakes, she took orders for Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos, Tagalongs, Samoas, Trefoils and other popular flavors. Her father helped with the money, while Mia focused on the ABC’s of selling — Always Be Cute.

Blair Cohn (left), executive director of the Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Association, and Keith Lewis (not shown), host of Swoop’s World Radio, were both happy customers of the cookie salesgirl.

Each local council sets the price per box, based on its needs and its knowledge of its local market. Long Beach cookies are $4 per box. Download the flyer of available Girl Scout Cookie Flavors.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is one of the most recognizable activities for Girl Scouts, but it’s much more than a fundraiser. It’s a way for girls to earn money to realize their dreams, and it’s a hands-on leadership and financial literacy program that begins with imagination. Each year, the girls set goals and get to decide how to spend the cookie proceeds — on community service projects, camp scholarships or other scout activities and donations.

In addition to troop rewards, individual scouts earn prizes for reaching goals during the cookie sale. Mia says she wants to win Disneyland tickets — a feat that requires selling 2,000 boxes of cookies and earns a family four-pack.

Of course, the annual cookie program isn’t just about the girls, many adults look forward to Girls Scout Cookies all year long — some even stockpile cookies by the case, rationing them out each month. If you’ve got a cookie compulsion, then pre-ordering is the best way to ensure a steady supply of Thin Mints and Do-Si-Dos.

For those that don’t pre-order, Girl Scout Cookie booths will pop up around Long Beach February 26 through March 21. During that time, fans will be able to find cookies using the Cookie Booth Locator on the council website at

Cookies are not and will not be available to buy online. To pre-order your girl Scout Cookies now, call up your favorite scout or email Mia’s Dad at

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3 Responses to “Girl Scout Cookies: Pre-order cookies for February delivery”
  1. Eric says:

    I was going to complain about the anti-gay tendencies of the girl scouts, but upon googling, I discovered they publicly support tolerance and accept homosexuals into any aspect of the organization. Keep in mind that the Boy Scouts of American and the Girl Scouts are separate non-profits, don’t make the same bad assumptions I did 🙂

    PS. Screw the Boy Scouts

  2. Rhonda562 says:

    I love love LOVE ThinMints.

  3. girl scout mom says:

    If what Eric says is true that homosexuality is accepted into the Girl Scouts than I want no part of my daughter being a part of it!