Go Green: Tips for an Eco-friendly Holiday

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Green-LBMost people dream of a white Christmas, but this year Long Beach residents can also enjoy a green holiday season.

Americans throw away 25 percent more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, which amounts to about 1.2 million extra tons per week. Taking a few simple steps can easily reduce this annual waste.

Long Beach residents are encouraged to participate in this year’s “Green Holiday” tradition by taking a few extra steps offered by the city’s Office of Sustainability, and are urged to access these green resources year round:

  • Support local businesses by visiting farmers markets and shopping locally to reduce transport related pollution. More information about farmers markets is available at www.localharvest.org
  • “Treecycle” by dropping off your tree at several sites throughout the City of Long Beach from December 26 to January 9. For more information, visit www.longbeach-recycles.org
  • Recycle – everything from your tree after the holidays to your old cell phones. Locations and events are available at www.longbeach-recycles.org
  • Save time, money, and stress by carpooling or using public transportation, including the Passport or Metro.  Visit www.lbtransit.com for maps and schedules.
  • Reduce paper waste by making your own wrapping paper-use newspaper, children’s artwork, etc.
  • Southern California Edison has many programs that allow you to save on your energy bill during the winter holidays and year round.  Visit www.sce.com for more information.
  • Volunteer or donate to the community — from food banks to blood donation.  Visit www.sustainablelb.com for a list of organizations where you can help

These ideas for a Green Holiday were provided by the City of Long Beach Office of Sustainability.

Photo by Joseph Hoetzl


One Response to “Go Green: Tips for an Eco-friendly Holiday”
  1. mallory says:

    I’ve got a great + super simple tip. The next time you’re purchasing a gift card– go for the electronic (and paperless) option, an eGift card. Each year, 75 millions lbs of PVC is dumped into landfills from plastic gift card waste (Plenty Magazine). That’s an astronomical amount of waste for something that can easily and conveniently be sent virtually. PVC is notoriously difficult to recycle and cannot be tossed into the recycling bin along side your other household items. You must send those pesky plastic cards to a PVC recycling plant, the only one I know of is EarthWorks. For a directory of retailers that offer an eGift card, try http://www.giftzip.com …it is the most extensive one I have found to date. Hope that helped. 🙂