Two Years, 22,000 Service Requests, 97 Percent Closure Rate; ‘Go Long Beach App’ Proving Useful for Residents

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In just two years, the popular Go Long Beach App has processed more than 22,000 service requests from the community, with a 97 percent closure rate.

“The Go Long Beach app is an excellent example of the City’s effective use of new technology,” Mayor Bob Foster said. “The app has provided the community an easy and convenient way to connect with the City to help keep our neighborhoods clean and maintained. It also helps the City be more efficient as the technology eliminated the need for staff to process thousands of phone calls or emails requesting service.”

The Go Long Beach app, launched in October 2010, makes it easy for the community to report common problems such as potholes, graffiti, sidewalk damage, and other service needs to the City. The application allows users to upload a photo of graffiti, sidewalk damage, or potholes, and then uses GPS tracking technology to instantly report the location of the issue.

To date, the City has received 22,685 service requests through Go Long Beach, of which 22,115 have been closed. The public has submitted an average of more than 900 requests per month.

The most common request continues to be graffiti removal, with 9,724 requests, followed by illegally dumped Items (3,605), potholes (1,976), street sign damage (1,892), and sidewalk damage (1,273).

Once downloaded onto a Smartphone, the “Go Long Beach” app allows the public to quickly report problems to be fixed, instead of waiting to locate a phone number and make a call, write a detailed e-mail, or even remember to report the problem at all. Examples of service categories are graffiti, broken drinking fountains in parks, potholes, illegally dumped items, street signs, sidewalk damage, street lights and traffic signals.

Android users can download the “Go Long Beach” app from Google play and iPhone users can download the app from the App Store. Blackberry users can access the service from the mobile web app at, which is also available to anyone with Internet access. Go Long Beach is also accessible on the City’s website using the link on the home page.

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