Go Long Beach App Lets Residents Tap into City Services Faster, Easier

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go long beach smart phone app

City officials announced the Go Long Beach App on Thursday. It is available for iPhone now, and will be ready for Android users in December.

The City of Long Beach officially launched the “Go Long Beach” iPhone app on Thursday, becoming the largest city in Southern California to offer a citywide smart phone app. (Android users will have access to the app by the end of the year.)

The Go Long Beach app, which according to the App Store was released in June, makes it simple for users to report potholes, graffiti, sidewalk damage, and other service needs to the City. The technology forwards the service requests to work crews, who will be able respond faster than if the requests were made by telephone or e-mail.

““The ‘Go Long Beach’ App helps keep our community safe, clean and beautiful,”” Mayor Bob Foster said. ““This tool literally puts local government in the hands of the community at any time of the day or night, 24/7, and it will help enhance our residents’ connection and interaction with their City.””

How the Long Beach App Works

Once downloaded onto a smart phone, the free “Go Long Beach App” makes it easier for people to quickly report problems to be fixed, instead of waiting to locate a phone number and make a call, write a detailed e-mail, or even remember to report the problem at all.

“Any time an iPhone owner notices a problem anywhere in the City, they can now use the Go Long Beach App to provide a picture, description and precise GPS coordinates of the problem to be fixed,” said Curtis Tani, Director of Technology Services.

The initial service categories are graffiti, graffiti in parks, broken water fountains in parks, potholes, illegally dumped items, missing street signs, sidewalk damage, and overgrown weeds on private property. More categories will be added based on the need and requests.

“The City of Long Beach already has great response times for cleaning up graffiti and other problems that cities face,”” said Michael Conway, Director of Public Works. ““The ‘Go Long Beach’” App will help us be even more responsive, because the quicker we know about a problem, the quicker we can fix it.””

Technology Behind the Long Beach Smart Phone App

The technology and development of the new Long Beach iPhone app was provided by Government Outreach, a software company that specializes in solutions to help local governments respond to the needs of residents — Citizen Relationship Management. Their GORequest system is used by cities nationwide with populations, like Long Beach, as large as 500,000.

Similar to the Long Beach standalone app, Government Outreach offers a multi-city iPhone app called GORequest that can also be used to manage resident requests and code enforcement. The app uses GPS to determine the correct city to contact for each user.

Long Beach iPhone users can download the “Go Long Beach” App from the App Store; Android users will be able to download a similar smart phone app from the Android Market when its released in December; and Blackberry users can access the service from the Mobile Web App at www.golbcity.com, which is also available to anyone with Internet access.

Go Long Beach iPhone App Video Demonstration

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