Shopping Bags Aren’t the Only Way to Go Green at the Grocery Store

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Reusable bags aren't the only way to go green.

A recent vote in Long Beach to ban carry-out bags represents another example that being environmentally conscious has never been more on the minds of Americans than it is today. If you also consider the imposed 10 cent charge on paper and recyclable carry-out bags at all food market stores, convenience, pharmacies, drug stores and Long Beach farmers markets, it should make you want to utilize every possible resource to do your part in conservation. I always like to take an extra cloth bag to the beach with me, not just for my own trash but in the event that I find trash someone else has left behind. It’s the little things that make you feel like you’ve contributed.

And the cost of apathy continues to mount. Who doesn’t want to save money on gas? At $4.00 a gallon (and rising!), it always seems to cost us more and more to pollute our own living space. I’ve been utilizing online coupons on a more consistent basis to help keep money in our pocketbooks and make a conscious effort to be kinder to our environment.

I am able to choose which coupons I know I’ll use and print them instead of getting 10 pages of chemically colored printed paper that at some point could end up in a landfill. It beats combing through pages and pages of coupons – my eyes quickly darting back and forth – scanning hopefully and praying I don’t miss a valuable coupon in my haste.

One big coupon just might be the golden ticket of savings. By knowing what I or my family might want, I can keep a mental list and type in a direct search, effectively narrowing the time I devote to saving money without giving up on the savings. You can find discounts that feature Long Beach favorite places to eat, the DVD stores and local fun adventures for the whole family. By incorporating these savings into our weekly family night out we are able to save for our family vacation. Many local Long Beach businesses offer discounts on home services like carpet cleaning, furnace tune-ups, rebates for energy saving light bulbs, energy efficient water heaters, handyman work and lawn service. Other discounts involve things like dog grooming and personal hygiene.

But keep in mind that just like paper coupons there are restrictions such as place of employment and expiration dates. Occasionally, you need to make a minimum purchase to use the discount.

Being savvy with my money, strategic in my recycling and conscientious about the environment gives me peace about the future of my children and of mankind.

About Heidi
Heidi is an accomplished writer having had her own weekly/monthly food column in several newspapers. She currently writes for an online publication for her hometown featuring Art, Entertainment, Restaurants, Local Celebrities and Businesses. She owns her own art business which includes multiple mediums, is a full time mother of four and enjoys sharing her experiences (ok, opinions!)


2 Responses to “Shopping Bags Aren’t the Only Way to Go Green at the Grocery Store”
  1. Helen says:

    Re Bag ban – these were not one use bags as thousands in Long Beach have attested to – the real danger is the loss of choice, government doing things “to” us rather than with/for us. Huge health danger with the ‘reusable’ cloth bags that end up in the trunk in a bacteria laboratory. How many people wash in hot water after each use carrying meat, vegetables? ER rooms are going to be packed (another economic impact) Plus, not getting off my high horse here yet, when does a city government dictate how much the ‘price’ of a product (paper bag) a private business must charge a customer? This will go to an initiative – the numbers are against this.

  2. Lincoln says:

    A little pat on the back to Heidi for frugally clipping coupons. That’s a smart thing to do.

    But a BIG BRAVO to Helen for being a voice of reason and logic in this nanny world we find ourselves living in.
    Financially, this latest over reach of local government is a joke. Last we heard monies generated from charging for bags will NOT be going towards any meaningful environmental clean-up. Another example of the “Green” hypocrisy.

    LB better be careful…. I love my Stater Bros. but many I’ve spoken with in the 5th will simply cross Carson to shop in Lakewood.

    BTW, many in our neighborhood are very proud of Schipske (5th District) for standing strong against this over hyped nonsense issue. I think we may finally have a level headed, intelligent council person who’s looking out for us.