Goodwill Helps the State Recycle a Record Amount of Electronic Waste

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Goodwill Helps the State Recycle a Record Amount of Electronic WasteCalifornia’s efforts to keep electronic waste (e-waste) out of our landfills climbed to a new height recently by recycling one billion pounds, and Goodwill Serving the People of Southern Los Angeles County (Goodwill SOLAC) contributed to this effort.

E-waste comprises of old computers, monitors, television sets and other electronics that are discarded each year. In fiscal year 2011, Goodwill SOLAC and Goodwill agencies nationwide received more than 95 million pounds of e-waste – the equivalent of roughly 3.4 million computers. To put it in other terms, 95 million pounds is the same as 633 space shuttles.

California passed the e-waste recycling law in 2003, which pays recycling fees (cents per pound), to recyclers and certified collection organizations. Goodwill SOLAC, which is one of 13 Goodwill organizations in the state with recycling programs, became a State Certified Collector in 2005. During this period Goodwill SOLAC has diverted 4,888,848 pounds of e-waste from our landfills and including other electronic items, has recycled nearly 5,500,000 pounds, or 2,750 tons.

“This program has been terrific,” said Janet McCarthy-Wilson, President & CEO of Goodwill SOLAC. “Donations to Goodwill are tax deductable; we’re all helping reduce the waste going to our landfills, and the revenues we generate from this program help immensely to support our mission of providing education, training, and job placement services to individuals with barriers to employment.”

Goodwill SOLAC, in 2010, provided services for nearly 4,500 individuals, assisted 151 individuals find competitive employment in the community, trained 308 individuals for the Healthcare Industry, 238 received financial literacy training, and 106 received GED Certified Training. LiNKS, our sign language and interpreting service, provided sign language interpreting services for 1,455 Deaf and or Hard of Hearing individuals.

Goodwill SOLAC has been a recycler of used goods for 82 years and has been leading that effort with a new emphasis on how its mission can also help our planet. Goodwill serves the city of Long Beach and the surrounding communities as well as the cities of the South Bay. To learn more about our e-waste recycling and other services, visit us on the Web at;; and on

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