Long Beach organizes to bring Google Fiber to the community

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bring google fiber to long beachYears ago people thought dial-up connections were sufficient. How’s that working out for you? When it comes to the Internet, it’s hard to argue against the belief that faster is better.

As reported on Everything Long Beach last month, Google has plans to build and test ultra high-speed broadband networks. The “experiment,” known as Google Fiber, will bring 1GB Internet service to a small number of trial locations across the United States.

Google Fiber will deliver the Internet at speeds more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today. As a comparison, even if you’re currently paying for Verizon’s bumped FiOS service, which claims fiber optic download speeds of up to 50 Mbps, Google Fiber will still be 20 times faster.

Powered by this level of future technology, the opportunities are endless. Cities nationwide understand that faster Internet access can lead to greater innovation and local business development And Google is footing the bill.

While Google Fiber won’t be free, the search-engine giant will fund the necessary infrastructure improvements to deliver the high-speed Internet service. In addition, they’ve made a commitment to provide Fiber at a cost that’s comparable to what consumers currently pay.

On February 16, the Long Beach City Council voted to answer Google’s Request for Information and announce their interest in bringing Google Fiber to the Long Beach community.

Bring Google Fiber to Long Beach

In an effort to put their best digital foot forward, Long Beach wants to show Google that Fiber has community support. Residents are needed to get involved and actively join the discussions and activities that will show Google that Fiber belongs in Long Beach.

How to help the Fiber for Long Beach campaign:

  • Complete the Going Google in Long Beach Survey.
  • Join Robert Garcia’s Letter-writing Campaign. For details about the letter-writing campaign call Garcia’s office at (562) 570-6919.
  • Use the #LBGoogle hashtag when sharing Fiber for Long Beach information online. And, follow @LBGoogle on Twitter for updates.
  • Tell a friend! Spreading the word within your community about bringing Google Fiber to Long Beach. Invite your friends to join the Facebook page and fill out the City’s survey.

Google Fiber for Long Beach will post ongoing details as the campaign progresses. If you are on Facebook become a fan and join the discussion. Take the “What would I do with Google Fiber Poll? and let us know how you would squander be more productive with Google Fiber.

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