GoScan software will track patients in case of flu pandemic in Long Beach

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The Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services has chosen GoScan software to help track cases of the pandemic H1N1 (swine) flu virus. This is the sixth in a series of GoScan contracts with local and state government agencies focusing on tracking H1N1 (swine) flu outbreaks.

During an emergency such as the H1N1 pandemic, public health agencies are responsible for setting up public Points of Dispensing (PODs) and providing vaccinations to large numbers of persons. Adding private providers to these public PODs can dramatically increase the number of entities administering vaccines.

“Technology has to be simple to use in an emergency,” said Mike Stuhley, president of GoScan. “GoScan software makes it easy for the City of Long Beach to quickly and accurately collect patient forms and get the data into a central database so they can make decisions based on actual data. GoScan is affordable enough so that a city can have the same scanning power previously only available to large state and government agencies.”

The public and private providers must adhere to common medical practices during an emergency, such as data collection and follow-up for potential adverse events related to the medication provided during the emergency. Previous patient-level documentation and POD tracking relied on physically transporting paper and manual data entry, which was a time consuming and costly process. It also could lead to delays in administering life-saving vaccinations.

The GoScan flu scanning system delivers an automated data collection system that uses scanning technology and forms recognition software to allow public and private providers to scan patient screening and consent forms into a single secure database. GoScan will enable the Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services to process millions of patient-level vaccine forms on a daily basis from hundreds of sites and will provide fast, accurate data collection at an affordable price.

According to Stuhley, GoScan software was chosen due to its affordability and because it requires virtually no training. Users simply put a document into the scanner feeder and select the “big green button” on the computer screen. All other functions are pre-programmed for the users. This cuts down on training, support and user errors.

More information is available at www.goscan.com.

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