Grace Brethren Church Hosts Neighborhood Day Camp in August

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Grace Brethren Church Neighborhood Day Camp

From August 18-22, Grace Brethren Church will be hosting a Neighborhood Day Camp run by Forest Home, a Christian retreat center located in the mountains east of Los Angeles. The Day Camp will feature high adventure recreation, small groups and lessons, skits, and creative activities on the Grace campus in Bixby Knolls.

The camp welcomes children from kindergarten through 4th grade. Each day begins at 8:45 a.m. and runs through the afternoon, engaging students in a variety of activities—from rock climbing to laser tag, euro-bungee, rope ladders, and more—all while grounding them in the simple message of Jesus as the source of life. 

Forest Home has established itself as one of the premier Christian retreat centers for children and teens in the country with over 75 years of experience in Southern California. This is the first Neighborhood Day Camp run by Forest Home to come to Long Beach. The camp itself will be staffed by Forest Home, with Grace Brethren Church members volunteering in various roles, including hosting the staff in their homes and raising funds for Day Camp scholarships.

While the camp costs $200 for each child attending, scholarship opportunities are available for those who cannot afford registration. Contact the church offices at 562-595-6881 for more information, or visit their website at

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