Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal and Others Host Grand Opening of First Parklet in Southern California

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Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal

Residents and business are invited to attend the grand opening of Long Beach’s first parklet at Lola’s Mexican Cuisine, today, Friday, January 20th at Noon.  Long Beach is the first city in Southern California to approve the parklet concept.  Three restaurants have been permitted to construct a parklet in a parking space in front of their business. Each parklet will add approximately 20 additional seats to the respective restaurant and contribute to an active streetscape.  

A “parklet” is the temporary use of a curbside parking space for outdoor landscape and seating. This is done by constructing a raised platform in the parking space at the same elevation as the adjoining sidewalk, thereby essentially extending the sidewalk area into the street.  Parklets provide an economical solution to the desire and need for wider sidewalks and are intended to provide space for the general public to sit and enjoy an area where existing narrow sidewalks would preclude such occupancy.  Parklets contribute aesthetic elements to the overall streetscape. The business applies for Sidewalk Occupancy and Public Works permit to construct a parklet with approved plans.

The Grand Opening of the Parklet at Lola’s Restaurant is today, Friday, January 20th at Noon, at Lola’s Mexican Cuisine, 2030 E. 4th Street, Long Beach, CA.

Long Beach based its parklet concept and process on San Francisco’s ‘Pavement to Parks’ program.  If the pilot program is successful, City officials hope to promote the concept in other business corridors.


One Response to “Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal and Others Host Grand Opening of First Parklet in Southern California”
  1. melecio roque says:

    first resturants are allowed to take over half of the sidewalks and now they are taking over the parking also… where are their patrons/area tenemts going to park? parking already is hectic in the downtown area…