Grand Openings Highlight January ArtXwalk

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ArtExchange (ArtX) proudly announces the grand opening of the newest addition to its roster of studio artists, The Collective Print Shop, at artXwalk on January 10, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

The Collective Print Shop focuses on traditional print making and typesetting. To commemorate their opening, studio artists of The Collective Print Shop – Alexis Anderson, Alex Fridrich, and Christian Ward – have curated an exhibition of past and current works in Meet the Members, a group printmaking show. The artists will also be discussing their favorite tools and techniques during tours of their space during the monthly artXwalk.

Reading Room, a collection of artist publications and research materials also opens this month.  All other ArtExchange studio artists will open the spaces to the public. Festivities heat up at 9:00 pm with artXwalk After Dark, presented in collaboration with LIFR – a community organization, will feature musical performances from Charles Fullwood and The Black Noise.

At a recent opening ArtX CEO Nicolassa Galvez described the non-profit saying, “Over the past year the organization has hit a new degree of art making and community engagement. The opening of The Collective Print Shop is a great start to the new year. We’ll continue to raise the bar with exciting announcements and programming throughout 2015.”

The upcoming artXwalk is also one of the public’s last chances to see the Third Annual Holiday Salon in the main gallery– which showcases thirty artists and over 200 pieces in the spirit of a French style salon with floor to ceiling artwork – and runs through January 15, 2015.


Meet the Members (Artists: Alexis Anderson, Alex Fridrich, and Christian Ward) – viewable at The Collective Print Shop, ArtX’s 346 East 3rd Street Studio– presents a curation of their past, present and future works. Discover a new gallery, print shop and active artist studio. The three artist member will give brief shop tours while discussing their favorite tools and techniques. Information about upcoming projects and community programs will be available.

Reading Room (Resident Artists:  Steven Frost, Jorge Mujica, and Renee Tanner) – viewable at ArtX’s 350 East 3rd Street Studio – a collection of artist publications and research materials. Reading Room transforms the front gallery of 350 E 3rd into space for visitors to explore artist produced publications and materials gathered by our resident artists. This collection of artist’s libraries includes limited press publications by William Powida, Corkey Sinks, Sean J Patrick Carney, Edie Fake, Kris Harzinski, Nayland Blake and others. This installation in curated by ArtX’s Studio Artists and includes a collection of zines, instruction books, ­small press prints, magazines, art theory and bizarre books that feed their studio practices

Works in Process (Artists: Noel Madrid and Rebecca Giesking) – viewable at Room + Border, ArtX’s 344 East 3rd Street Studio – displays the multi-figural series from Noel Madrid and studies, paintings, and collages from  Rebecca Gieskin. Noel’s drawings and paintings use the human figure referenced incrementally over time to create layered, even textural compositions. Ultimately, the result is an image that documents a span of time and motion. As a component of this work, Noel will be composing a drawing based on attendees of the opening during the show. Rebecca Giesking will be displaying studies, paintings, and collages balancing local landscapes with pure abstraction in an attempt to make connections and reconcile discrepancies between day-to-day life, American culture and politics, and global current events.

Ongoing Exhibitions + Open Studios

MY HOOD (Artist: J. Renee Tanner) – showcases a series of cityscape paintings inspired by the collection of architecture in downtown Long Beach, using an interplay of historic, mid-century and contemporary structures to create unusual and unique compositions.

Christine Fuchs Hosts Visiting Artist (Artist: Katie Wigglesworth) – ArtX Studio Artist Christine Fuchs hosts Katie Wigglesworth, an interdisciplinary artist currently exploring Fiber Art.

TRANONMAI, About Revision No. Two (Artist: John Thatcher Montgomery) – postcard works and a viewing  of the artist’s in-process digital installation.

McArts Open Studio (Artist: Kenny McBride) –  paintings and drawings from the artist.

Illuminodial Arts Open Studio (Artist: Leah C. Dixon) –  in­process artworks in a variety of media, as well as live video mashups 9:00 PM to Midnight.

Margie Darrow Open Studio (Artist: Margie Darrow) – a variety paintings, drawings and mixed media artwork.

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