City Council Learns About The Great Garbage Patch from Captain Charles Moore Today

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Great Pacific Garbage Patch, photo by Lindsey Hoshaw

Great Pacific Garbage Patch, photo by Lindsey Hoshaw

Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal has invited Captain Charles Moore from Algalita Marine Research & Education in Long Beach to share his observations and plastic trash at City Council from a recent trip to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Located in the center of the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a mass of mostly plastic trash that swirls around in a vortex or gyre and was originally discovered by Captain Moore and Algalita in 1997. It quickly became the symbol of the marine environment’s horrifying condition.

Captain Moore and his team of scientists recently returned from a two-month trip to the Garbage Patch with several items of plastic trash, both large and microscopic. Data from the voyage will take years to be fully analyzed, but Captain Moore will share a short video and his plastic booty at the September 16th City Council meeting being held away from City Hall at Long Beach Community College.

The Long Beach City Council will hear Captain Moore’s brief presentation at 5:00 pm Today, September 16, 2016 in Long Beach City College’s Board Room (4901 E. Carson Street, Building T).

Lowenthal is the author of Long Beach’s plastic bag ban and has presented at the United Nations and World Bank on best practices of local governments to implement litter management strategies and associated costs of plastic pollution.

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