Great Teamwork Helps Save a Child’s Life

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child savedOn Monday, September 17, 2012, at approximately 7:30 p.m., officers from the Long Beach Police Department were called to a residence in the area of 56th Street and Paramount Boulevard regarding a 14-month old male who was in full cardiac arrest.

Officer Alfonso Navarro was one of the first police officers at the scene, and immediately began CPR on the child until he took a few breaths. The officer then took the child outside where he was immediately met by arriving paramedics. The paramedics continued to assist his breathing while he was placed in the Fire Department rescue ambulance for transport to Memorial Medical Center.

As the child was being treated and readied for transport, Officer Navarro radioed for patrol units to block traffic along the planned route to the hospital in order to provide an unobstructed roadway for the ambulance.

Other Patrol units at the scene provided an escort for the Fire rescue ambulance, activating lights and sirens to warn other motorists of the urgency of the situation in order for paramedics to get the child to the hospital as quickly as possible.

Upon arriving at the hospital, staff took over the life saving efforts. At the conclusion of the call the child was found to have an obstruction in his throat, which was cleared, enabling him to breathe freely, and he was doing well.

The quick actions of Officer Navarro, with the assistance of other North Division officers and Fire Department personnel, helped save the life of a child.

Community members, especially those with small children, are highly encouraged to receive training in basic First Aid and CPR. The Red Cross offers a variety of classes, and more information can be obtained by visiting their website,, or by calling the Greater Long Beach Chapter at (562) 595-6341.

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