Green LB! Festival Powered by Renewable Energy

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A local company is helping to make this year’s Green LB! Festival less dependent on fossil fuels by supplying renewable solar and biodiesel energy to patrons and vendors. Solar Source Inc. will supply a mobile renewable energy system to the Green LB! Festival allowing it to be completely “Off-Grid”, or non-reliant on public utilities. The 2nd Annual, Green LB! Festival will be held on Saturday, May 22nd, in the East Village Arts District at the corner of 3rd St. and Long Beach Blvd, and will be powered completely by renewable energy.

Although last year’s festival was a huge success, this year is expected to be even larger.  With sponsors such as Long Beach City College and Solar Source Inc., this year’s festival will feature many eco-friendly and educational workshops as well as several green technology guest speakers. The theme of this year’s festival is “turning the tide”, celebrating the transition into becoming a more eco-friendly and sustainable city.  The purpose of the festival is to create awareness of the many resources available to help the community make this transition. This public event will also serve as a place of commerce, arts and entertainment, networking, and education.

“We hope this festival will send a message to the community that a sustainable lifestyle is not only possible but practical,” said Jarrod Osborne, General Manager of Long Beach-based solar energy contractor, Solar Source Inc.  “We anticipate that the innovations here will inspire more and more use of pollution-free energy, renewable technologies, and promote eco-conscious and sustainable lifestyles in our community”.

The Green LB! Festival is comprised of individuals, community groups, non-profit organizations, businesses and city agencies working together to achieve a green Long Beach.

Solar Source Inc. is a solar energy contractor based in Long Beach, CA. They design, engineer, and install photovoltaic solar systems for residential and commercial electricity generation.


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  1. laurence says:

    I have been told that there is a organization who will pick up the fruits from your tree to give it to homeless .
    Need a contact number