Greetings from Long Beach Vintage Postcards from the HSLB’s Archives

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Join the Historical Society of Long for its exhibition, Greetings from Long Beach Vintage Postcards from the HSLB’s Archives. The show features 50 vintage postcards representing local events and structures from the city’s past. Cards depicting the roller coasters, hotels, Navy, 1933 earthquake and other topics capture the Long Beach that was sent back home by those who came here to live or to visit. The earliest cards in the exhibit date to before 1907 when the “divided back” card with a clear place for an address became common.

The show  is free and the public is encouraged to attend. The exhibition will run through Spring 2009.

“Our vintage post cards are always a hit with the public,” said Julie Bartolotto, Executive Director of the HSLB. “The images are colorful and whimsical. And while the purpose of the post cards was to show the folks back home what things were like here on the west coast, you can also see the how the graphics on the cards reflect the popular styles of the time.”

This exhibit is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Replicas of five vintage postcards will be available for sale for $1 each or 12 for $10. Questions can be directed to HSLB at (562) 424-2220.

The Historical Society of Long Beach collects, preserves and presents local history. Using historical documents, photographs, artifacts, and oral and written stories we create exhibits and public programs that connect people to the past and to the place they live. The HSLB is supported in large part through memberships and contributions by community members. The HSLB public hours: Fri 1-5pm, Thurs 1-7pm, Sat 11-5pm.

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