Top-Quality Child Care at Grzesik Family Daycare in Los Altos

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Ruth Grzesik Family Child Care

Providing Quality Care for Little People in Los Altos since 1986

As a working parent of two utterly perfect children, I’ve had my share of experiences with daycares and preschools. In 2007, when my career moved me to a more local destination, I interviewed nearby daycares for my almost-two-year-old.

I knew what I wanted: Not too big, not too small; safe play areas; dedicated spaces for the kids to nap, play, eat, etc.; solid supervision; lots of opportunities for mental and physical exercise; kind, caring staff in a home environment, and an open line of communication. When my husband and I met with Ruth Grzesik (pronounced “Gre-zik”), owner of Grzesik Family Daycare in the Los Altos area of Long Beach, we saw all of that and more.

Ruth, also a mother of two, has had nearly thirty years of experience operating her daycare, and she knows her stuff. To add to her expertise, Ruth was a graphic artist before she began her family childcare, and it complements the children’s projects and activities. The children truly benefit from her creative background. Additionally, Ruth and her staff of three (all of whom are CPR/ Health and Safety Certified) keep annual binders for each child, displaying examples of their projects and developments. What a wonderful treat to take home! They also regularly photograph the children’s growth, holiday events, “Music and Motion” time, play and animal time, (dogs, cats, box turtles, and more) and other special moments.

Considering most of her staff has been with her for over ten years, parents can rest assured that their children are in the hands of dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring staff.

For nearly three years my child participated in social and developmental activities, grew and bonded with a mixed age group of twelve children (6 weeks to Pre-K), and enjoyed fun and giggles. The staff emphasizes good communication between themselves, the parents, and the children for whom they care, and I received regular and substantial feedback from Ruth and all of her wonderful staff.

Considering my child was at Grzesik Family Daycare 8-9 hours a day (they’re open 7am to 5:30pm) five days a week, I was happy to see my child genuinely enjoying where he was. The daycare has a regular schedule that includes: breakfast; free play (including “Music and Motion” once a week); outdoor play; lunch; naptime; snack; free play, and then a little more outdoor play. The learning programs at Grzesik Family Daycare incorporate skills such as cutting and pasting; sorting, letter / color / number recognition; sequencing; opposites; following directions, and listening.

The variety of preschool curriculums they use really helped when the time came to consider if my November baby was ready for Kindergarten. Ruth’s input and reassurance helped me confidently make my decision. I am thankful to have found Grzesik Family Daycare when I did, and I want to let parents of infants, toddlers and preschoolers in Long Beach know, if you are in need of a solid and reliable daycare for your child (ren), call Ruth today for an interview.

Grzesik Family Daycare (CA License 191602184) can be reached at: (562) 598-7096, or

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