GST Body LB Striving to Make Working Out Creative, Beautiful and Fun

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EverythingLongBeach recently spoke with Caroline Aizawa, owner of GST Body LB, via email. They talked about inspirations, challenges and what’s it’s like having a business on Retro Row.

How long have you been in business?:

I just moved into the We Move Studio in April.

Describe your business:

Grace Somatomorphic Technique, GST is a movement technique derived from Pilates and expanded into three-dimensional and dynamic choreography that is creative, beautiful and fun.

GST classes are 1-hour sessions of exhilarating stretching and strengthening accompanied by music. The unique movement system takes the body through full spinal motion standing, sitting and lying on the floor. The exercises challenge balance and coordination while building long, lean, and strong flexible muscles.

Why did you start GST Body LB?

In 1991, I was introduced to the unique training methods of Pilates as I began my professional dance career. Since then I have continued the journey of various movement studies with Gyrotonic Expansion System, Gyrokinesis and Anusara Yoga. Since 2008, I have been enthusiastically diving into the study of GST with founder Anna Rahe.

What makes GST Body LB stand out?

GST is comprised of three unique components that use dynamic movement, oppositional force and friction to achieve radical body transformation: GST Body Technique, GST Movement System and GST Bodywork.

Right now there are only three studios in the US that provide GST, Los Angeles, New York, and Long Beach.

What unique talents do you bring to GST Body LB?

Through my years of study, I have developed a deep personal understanding of what it means to unify strength and flexibility; consciousness and instinct; and to have a functional, intelligent body.

I have been featured on KTLA news, Extra TV, and voted by Hollywood Reporter as one of the top 20 luxuries that women in the entertainment industry can’t live without.

GST Body LB Details:

Address: 2020 4th Street
Phone Number: 323-333-4974

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