Port of Long Beach Harbor Commission Approves Plan to Build Green Wall Demonstration

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long beach port small business contractsOn Tuesday February 19, 2013 the Port of Long Beach Harbor Commission approved a plan to build a demonstration of an innovative “Green Wall” along the Terminal Island Freeway.  While in the past it served to transport navy personnel to nearby housing, for the past decade the TI Freeway has served largely as a service road for the goods movement industry.  This Green Wall, along with the trees that will be planted beside it as part of the project, will help improve air quality, provide sound mitigation, and lessen visual blight.  Councilmember Johnson has long fought for such protection for West Long Beach neighborhoods, and this solution was developed by the City of Long Beach’s Office of Sustainability.

“There are thousands of diesel truck trips every day on the Terminal Island Freeway with no barrier between it and nearby schools, veteran’s facilities, park space, and homes,” Councilmember Johnson said.  “This is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to remedy a situation that should have been corrected long ago.  I want to thank the Port of Long Beach for continuing to support the community and exploring every avenue to protect our residents.”

The Green Wall will be composed of recycled mulch from the City’s tree trimming operations, and vining plants and trees will be planted adjacent to the Wall to help trap particulate matter and clean the air.  The Green Wall will also serve to block the sound and visual blight of the freeway at a fraction of the cost of a traditional brick wall.  The demonstration project will be built along the west end Hudson Park, which is just feet away from the freeway.  The Port and City of Long Beach will then perform a series of tests on the innovative barrier and then consider extending the project to the north and south to provide a barrier next to Hudson School, Cabrillo High School, Bethune School, and Villages of Cabrillo.


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