They Took A Big Chance, Found Some Willing To Play, Now Three Years Later BKBIA Strollers Are Still Saying Walk This Way

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This Saturday, January 15, will mark the 3rd anniversary of the Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Association’s community walking group the Bixby Knolls Strollers. What started as a way to bring residents together to reconnect them to the local businesses has now turned into a local institution in Bixby Knolls. “I begged my parents to come to the first stroll to guarantee we would have some sort of attendance.” said Blair Cohn, Executive Director of the BKBIA. “Now we have a great group of regulars to come together each week rain or shine.” There is consistently a group of 25-40 meeting at 7:15am every Saturday morning at It’s a Grind Coffee House and leaving for the stroll promptly at 7:30am. “My dad wears his atomic clock and yells ‘Let’s Go!’ exactly at 7:30. We have people moving at all paces and even literally pushing baby strollers. There is the social aspect to the group as well as our mission of showing off the different types of businesses and services in the area to the locals.”

The group has been outfitted with their own t-shirts to identify members on Saturday mornings. “We have our winter and summer colors! We just received our Strollers Hoodies so everyone can be nice and warm on these cold mornings.” said Cohn.

Over the last three years the Strollers have walked an estimated 575 miles (or completed 22 marathons.) The routes range from 3.5-miles to 3.9-miles and change every week. The treks explore the business corridors and adjacent neighborhoods of Bixby Knolls, California Heights, Los Cerritos, and Virginia Country Club. The Strollers have visited Forest Lawn Cemetery, Rancho Los Cerritos, shopping centers, boy scout project locations, through private homes and backyards, and through the local businesses like FreeSpirit Yoga, Roy Robbins Gifts & Stationery, BellaCosa, Elise’s Tea Room, and Alsace Lorraine Bakery that provide refreshments for the group when entering the business. It is another way to bring potential customers to these locations. The group has even walked to the local metro station, taken the train to downtown to walk the waterfront and ride the train back to Bixby Knolls.

Route names are themed and are posted on the BKBIA website so people can stroll on their own. Examples: Scouts Honor, El Camino Real, First Day of Spring, Houses of the Holy Route, Lizards, Snakes & Bugs, Los Cerritos, CA, New Things , Downtown Train, An Extra Helping of Knolls, Please, Igor’s Alley, Long Lines, In Search of Jotham Bixby, The Emperors New Clothes, Green Space, Northern Exposure, Little Italy, Quaint, Down & Around in Bixby Knolls, In The Knolls, Mark Twain, On the Outskirts, Wandering Heights, In Memoriam, Here is the Church, There is the Steeple, It’s A Long Way From Sullivan’s Grove, Behind The Lines.

This Saturday’s Route: Anniversary March on Bixby Knolls 3.8 miles

Start at It’s A Grind
Left on Atlantic Ave
Left on 45th Street
Left on Long Beach Blvd
Left on Wardlow Rd
Left on Atlantic Ave
Right on 36th St
Left on Myrtle Ave
Left on Bixby Rd
Right on Atlantic Ave
Return to It’s A Grind

A post-stroll celebration will take place at It’s a Grind to mark this milestone.

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