Exhibition “Atmosphere” at Les Jolis Tresors Art Gallery To Premiere Nov. 11

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Don Crocker Sunset Over PV

Les Jolis Tresors, the Long Beach contemporary art gallery, will premiere its latest exhibit, Atmosphere, on November 11, 2010, where it will remain on view through January 30, 2011.

Please join us for our artists’ Opening Reception on Saturday, November 13, 2010 from 6 pm through 9 pm at Les Jolis Tresors, 3226 East Broadway in Long Beach. This holiday exhibit features fine art that is imbued with an atmosphere of light, joy and laughter, which is quite appropriate considering it’s almost time again for twinkling lights on trees, candles flames lit to announce perseverance and hope, and giving to one another heart-felt smiles and brightly-wrapped gifts as we join together to enjoy the brightest time of year during the darkest part of winter.

Donald Crocker’s plein-air landscape paintings brilliantly capture the feeling in the atmosphere as the sun and moon take their daily journeys across the cosmos: breaking dawns over distant hills; purple and orange sunsets on quiet Southern California beaches; the moon over the port of Long Beach; bright winter light as it sinks into snow-packs on mountain sides. As is tantamount in plein-air his subjects are direct, reassuring, and true, and, as they are lit by the glowing orbs that the artist sat under as he painted, they communicate on canvas a sense of quiet unity between his subjects and himself.

Ceramicist M.C. Armstrong lends an atmosphere of humor to the exhibit with her ceramic animals, which in the past have included such lively characters as a fish named Billy the Brisk and a chicken called Priscilla. In this exhibit we meet Jaden the Japanese Beetle, amongst others. In addition to this,Armstrong also offers beautiful and unique Raku ceramics.

Mixed media artist Dawn Quinones uses illuminating colors and forms of nature in abstract patterns in her fine art. For this exhibit, she offers abstract paintings that have their own glow, presenting a liquid-like atmosphere that often reminds viewers of a blooming garden’s reflection in rippling water, or, of bubbles rising to the surface in a deep pool awash with light. Additionally, she offers a line of hand-painted silks like her silks that were featured in Vogue Magazine.

For additional information visit the Les Jolis Tresors Art Gallery website, contact Annie Clavel 562 739 5531, or at annie@lesjolistresors.com.

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