Health-minded women promote Vitality in business

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healthy business vitality entrepreneursEverythingLongBeach recently spoke with Aliye, Chey & Emily, owners of Vitality Entrepreneurs, via email. They talked about inspirations, challenges and what’s it’s like having a business in Long Beach.

How long have you been in business? 1 year

Describe your business:

We are a coalition of health-minded women who have come together to promote wellness through an active lifestyle and piles and piles of produce. Aliye owns Beachgreens, an organic produce delivery service in Long Beach. Cheyana owns Nutrition Roots, a whole-foods based nutritional consulting and personal training business. Emily owns South Bay Fit Camp, a fitness boot camp and personal training company with a “recess” approach.

Why did you start Vitality Entrepreneurs?

We really believe in each others’ passions and what we each offer to the community, so we decided to join forces to help spread the word and keep each other company at local fairs and events.

What makes Vitality Entrepreneurs stand out?

We are three independent companies under one umbrella, but combined the services we offer can improve the quality of a person’s life.

What is the biggest success Vitality Entrepreneurs has had?

Seeing the look on someone’s face when they figure out that changing their life for the better is so much easier and tastier than they thought it was.

What is your favorite part of running your business?

Our “business” meetings together, where we get together to eat yummy produce, drink tea, and share our brilliant ideas with one another.

What are the biggest challenges you face?

Explaining who we are! As three independent companies who share common interests, we understand it can be confusing for people meeting us for the first time. But we recognize that our individual strengths are even better when we join forces.

What unique talents do you bring to Vitality Entrepreneurs?

We are all experts in our own individual fields, each with multiple years of experience.

How is Vitality Entrepreneurs involved with the community?

We have booths at many local events throughout the year. We give talks to local community groups, offering practical solutions for living a healthier lifestyle.

Do you have any future plans for Vitality Entrepreneurs?

We are starting a blog on our website with fitness tips, recipes, and helpful nutritional information. We will answer readers’ questions about food, fitness, and fun!

What is the best advice that you received and who did it come from?

There are 2 pieces of advice we’ve received–If you do what you are passionate about, then business will come your way. If you eat real unprocessed foods that you can pull from a tree, pluck from the ground, or see running across your yard, you will never have to count another calorie again.

One Last Thing:
We love answering questions and talking about food and fitness, so we welcome any questions that readers may have.

Vitality Entrepreneurs Details:

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