Hearing Loss Association of America Invites Dr. Frederick R. DiTirro to Speak on Cochlear Implant

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Dr. Frederick R. DiTirro, Head and Neck Surgeon, Board of Otolaryngology of Kaiser Permanente will be guest speaker at the Hearing Loss Association of America Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter meeting on November 12th at 6:30 p.m. at the Weingart Center, 5220 Oliva Avenue, Lakewood, CA 90712, 562-630-6141. 

Dr. DiTirro will relate his knowledge about hearing loss and how he goes about his surgeries and what it takes to qualify for such surgery along with recovery time and its success. Other firms explain what their product does but do not touch on the success of such surgery and the hard work it takes on the part of the patient to allow optimal hearing.

Dr. DiTirro will share a surgeons’ viewpoint not only on implants but on hearing in general.  Most audiologists only test and prescribe but do not advise their clients about what else is available to them such as practicing with the hearing instrument, using additional technology, etc.

Dr. DiTirro has been with Kaiser Permanente for 33 years and primarily sees patients for ear surgery and with ear problems.  He has done the majority of the cochlear implants for Southern California Kaiser in the past 20 years and performed  about 1600 cochlear implants.

No reservations are necessary and admission is free. All meetings are Captioned with CART (Communication  Access Realtime Translation), Assistive Listening Devices, and the hearing induction loop.  For more information, please call 562-438-0597 or visit www.hlalongbeachlakewood.org.  Light refreshments are served.

Hearing Loss Association, Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter is a support group offering education on coping skills and resources to people with hearing loss to help survive in a hearing world. HLAA meets at 6:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month at the Weingart Center, 5220 Oliva Avenue, Lakewood, CA.

Mission Statement:  Hearing loss is a daily challenge you can overcome.  You do not have to hide your hearing loss.  You do not have to face hearing loss alone.

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