Local Volunteer and Charity Crafter Heather Crow Nelson Releases Debut Book

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debut book My Work of Heart

Heather Crow Nelson

A local avid volunteer and charity crafter has released her debut book, My Work Of Heart, a charity memoir detailing a year of her family’s giving, despite difficult medical and personal hurdles.

Heather Crow Nelson, a local mom, wife, Administrative Manager, charity crafter, and avid volunteer has published her debut book, a charity memoir entitled “My Work Of Heart”. The synopsis explains: “This charity memoir, told from the point of view of a mother, wife, and avid volunteer, chronicles a journey through one family’s year of giving. Through the difficult times, medical issues, and much more, one family kept giving back to others. That one year changed their lives, and touched so many others. This heartfelt memoir includes tips and tricks for your family to give and volunteer without going broke.”

Mrs. Nelson has had many essays and articles published in newspapers such as the Press-Telegram, the LBCC Viking newspaper, Native Voices magazine (a national Native American publication), and many others. But writing this book was one of her biggest accomplishments. For years she has been told she should write about their experiences at their various charity events, but it wasn’t until that life changing year and her diagnosis of Osteogenesis Imperfecta that she actually sat down and wrote it, with the support and encouragement of her fellow members of TheIndiExhibit.org and her husband Ryan Nelson, also a published writer.

“Writing this book was definitely an emotional labor of love, but it was absolutely worth it,” explained Mrs. Nelson. “2010 was a difficult year for us, both emotionally and physically. We welcomed our youngest son, and almost lost my mother to a major heart surgery. Yet we continued to give back.”

And she continues to give back. “I wrote this book to show others that you CAN give back, no matter what your circumstances are,” explains Heather. “You could be rich or be living paycheck to paycheck. It doesn’t matter. Everyone has something they can give. I also wrote this book partially to earn money and to continue our charity work.” Every month, a different charity will be chosen as the My Work Of Heart recipient. A portion of her May book sales will be donated to Justin Rudd’s trip of service to Africa. Also included in the book are 50 different tips on creative fundraising and thinking outside the box to make your own event a success.

Mrs. Nelson is also ecstatic to announce that she has her first Author Signing scheduled for June 3 at the Bully Free Zone 2 Picnic, coordinated by Autism In Long Beach.

“My Work Of Heart” is available on Kindle and in paperback form. To find out more about Mrs. Nelson and her book, please visit website.

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