Vote for Love in LB! Local couple hopes to win the Ultimate Wedding

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In February, Crate and Barrel and DailyCandy announced a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for couples to win their Ultimate Wedding, valued at $100,000 and designed by celebrity wedding planner, Jo Gartin.

For local couple Charis Walth and Scott Barber, it sounded too good to be true. The betrothed pair together work at a nonprofit mental health organization in Long Beach. Scott calls their work “very fulfilling” but adds that it also leaves a “very limited budget” for wedding planning.

For their dream wedding, Charis and Scott just hope to for a location big enough to hold their hundreds of family and friends. “Since our dream wedding will include a few hundred of our nearest and dearest, and since we want this documented forever and ever, a spacious and picturesque location would be absolutely ideal!”

The Ultimate Wedding contest offers couples the chance to win the wedding of their dreams. The contest entry calls for couples to share three things, each in 100 words or less:

  1. their own love story;
  2. three important ‘nitty-gritty’ details of their ultimate wedding; and
  3. a description of their everyday dream day.

Then, the public is asked to vote.

Charis and Scott’s love story is a tale of waiting and wonder. After meeting while both were in other relationships, their courtship didn’t begin until three years later. For the next three years, Charis and Scott have “spent very little time apart… in a partnership filled with much laughter and love.”

Visit the lovebirds online to ready their whole story, then vote for Charis and Scott’s Ultimate Wedding. Every visitor to the Ultimate Wedding website can vote, but only one vote per email address allowed.

Right now, the top couple has about 9,500 votes. With just over 200 votes, Charis and Scott are doing their best to get the word out. So, come on Long Beach. Vote for love! Tell a friend, share this post on Facebook or send it by email and click “forward to all.”

Winners will be announced in April, 2010.

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