Your Innovative Ideas Could Help Long Beach Win $5 Million From Bloomberg Philanthropies

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Got a great idea for government innovation?  Want to see it put into action?

Long Beach is competing for the $5 million grand prize in the nationwide Mayors Challenge organized by New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Bloomberg Philanthropies.

“Long Beach is filled with thought-leaders,” said Mayor Bob Foster. “The Mayors Challenge is an incredible opportunity to channel that innovation into bold ideas that solve real problems, not just here but in cities across America.”

Submissions must address at least one of the following criteria:

  • Serious social or economic problems;
  • Improve customer service for residents or businesses;
  • Enhance accountability to or engagement with the public;
  • And/or create efficiencies that make government work better, faster and cheaper.

“Collaboration and scalability are two important facets of any great proposal,” added Foster. “But the prize rules are broad enough that nearly any great idea will have a chance to win.”

Long Beach residents should submit their idea online at  Photos and YouTube videos to supplement applications are accepted, but are not necessary.  Mayor Foster will choose one idea received by 5:00 p.m., August 31, 2012 to forward to the national competition as the Long Beach entry.

More than 390 cities nationwide have accepted the Bloomberg Philanthropies challenge.  In addition to the grand prize of $5 million, the Mayors Challenge will also award four runner-up cities with $1 million each.  All five winners and finalists will have access to experts and resources to transform their idea into reality.  For more detailed information, visit

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