4 Highly Rated Food Trucks That Roll Through Long Beach

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Lobsta Truck

The Lobsta Truck rolls through Long Beach weekly for fans of the famous East Coast sandwiches.

Long Beach is all about the beautiful weather and Sunshine filled days, which makes everyone want to be outdoors and enjoy a good time while out and about. This includes eating and patronizing the bevvy of food trucks which line city streets during most weekdays.

We made note of the local food truck revolution last year, but we don’t often dig into the individual food trucks that roam our hungry streets. So, with this article we do just that and profile four good food trucks that come to Long Beach on a regular basis.

Global Soul

For decidedly Middle Eastern eats, try Global Soul – the only food truck on our list headed up by two women. The ladies like to get quite inventive with their dishes and menu, you won’t find hot dogs and plain old cheeseburgers at this joint. Instead you will find the Hot Mess sandwich, Babylon tacos, The Hangover breakfast sandwich, veggie pita wraps and a lamb gyro – to name but a few of their signature dishes. They also do catering on the side and like the other entries on our list you can spot them by becoming a follower on Twitter or fanning them up via their Facebook page.

Kogi BBQ

This food truck might just be the most famous of the trucks mentioned on my list, as it has become a social media darling of sorts. We first heard of the Kogi Korean BBQ food truck when it was profiled in the LA Times back in 2009 plus a mention in Mashable last year and since then has been noted in many food websites and blogs. Like most food trucks Kogi BBQ uses Twitter and other social media outlets to share their daily location, menu items and important news that all followers can see at a quick mobile glance via their laptop or cell phone.

Lobsta Truck

This is a food truck that as the name implies specializes in lobster offerings, specifically lobster sandwiches. They also offer crab rolls, New England Clam chowder, cape cod chips and fresh squeezed lemonade. Lobsta truck is the brainchild of Justin Mi who after having visited Massachusetts fell instantly in love with the seafood shacks scattered about the state and decided he would bring the idea home to California. But instead of a shack he would open a food truck. The rest as they is travel history. Track them on Twitter to see where the Lobsta Truck is each day.

The Lime Truck

Ahi tuna poke nachos, anyone? Yes that is one of the delectable dishes you will find on The Lime Truck menu. Along with sweet and spicy steak tacos, crab ceviche, roasted corn and more creative and delectable treats that inspire even the most jaded foodie. Created by a trio of mates in 2010 the food truck is quite popular among hipsters and those with a discerning eye towards tasty and clever lunch meals. You can follow The Lime Truck along via their Twitter or Facebook page and if in Long Beach – give them a try.

Do follow any Long Beach food trucks for street-side dining? Did we forget to mention your favorite? Tell us below in the comment area.

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