Hughes Middle School Hosts Free Do-It-Yourself Rain Barrel Workshop

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barrels for harvesting rainwater

Hughes Middle School Eco-club will host a “Free Do-It-Yourself Rain Barrel Workshop” for the community on Sunday, January 27th at the Expo Arts Center.

Traditionally February is the rainiest month in Long Beach. Now is the best time to install a rain barrel to start collecting the bounty that nature has to offer. Rain barrels can harvest an astonishing quantity of water. Just a half inch of rain falling on a 1,000 square foot roof can collect 300 gallons of water. Over the course of one Southern California rainy season, this same roof could collect as much as 7,800 gallons. The benefits of rain barrels include protecting the ocean by reducing roof-water run-off; lowering electricity consumption related to water movement; recharging underground aquifers by harvesting rainwater for dry-day irrigation; and conserving drinking water by using rainwater for irrigation needs.

In this free community workshop participants will learn how to make two different kinds of rain barrels, as well as several ways to integrate a rain barrel into a residential gutter system. Supply and tool lists will be provided, as well as local source information for ready-made rain barrels. The workshop will be hosted by the Hughes Middle School Green Team students as a community service.

Hughes Middle School has an active Green Team eco-club made up of middle school students, teachers, and parents, who volunteer their time to green their campus through recycling, waste reduction programs, and water-wise landscaping projects.

The Hughes Middle School Eco-club Free Do-It-Yourself Rain Barrel Workshop is Sunday, January 27th from 11:00 – 11:30 am at the Expo Arts Center at 4321 Atlantic Avenue.

To register, or for more information regarding this event, please contact Hughes Green Team Adviser, Cathy Procopio at 562-989-0970, or email


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