Hugh’s Bite Nite: Tonight Restaurants Serve Up Helping Hand to Family of Long Beach Man

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boyle-family Hugh's Bite Nite

Hugh, Shelley, and Samantha Boyle

You can enjoy a good meal and help the family of a Long Beach man critically injured in a motorcycle accident by participating in a fund-raiser at three local restaurants on Monday, July 26.

The following local restaurants have graciously agreed to donate a portion of their proceeds from “Hugh’s Bite Nite” to Hugh Boyle, his wife Shelley and their teen-age daughter Samantha. Diners should mention “Hugh’s Bite Nite” to their server. A flier for the event can be downloaded here.

  • La Strada Restaurant, 4716 East 2nd St, Long Beach
  • Marri’s Pizza, 6436 E. Stearns St., Long Beach (Los Altos area, near the accident site)
  • Naples Rib Company, 5800 E. 2nd St, Long Beach, CA

An entire community, which includes Facebook and Twitter, has rallied to the family’s side. Proceeds from “Hugh’s Bite Nite” will help Hugh and Shelley Boyle pay bills and other expenses after Hugh’s near-fatal motorcycle accident near the intersection of Stearns Street and Palo Verde Avenue on June 21.

Several news articles have been written about them, and Shelley’s blog about their ordeal has touched the hearts of friends, as well as people who do not know Hugh:

Dear Hugh,

Again, I am so proud of you, you did so good today sweetheart.

I just can’t bear the thought of you not home at night. It breaks my heart knowing you are there lying in that bed alone. No (pet), not me by your side. Just you lying there alone. It’s terribly heartbreaking for me and upsetting. I just hope you sleep all night and not think these same thoughts I do. When is this ending sweetheart? When will you back with me? I can’t do this much longer, or I can’t feel like I can do this. I know I have to, and I will though. For you. As Lily, your incredible treatment nurse, told me today, “You always knew you loved him, you just never knew how much.”

Hugh, 50, broke numerous bones, was in critical condition for three weeks in an induced coma and then got pneumonia. He is just now starting to eat and hasn’t been able to receive visitors yet. Shelley has been unable to work at her home-based Internet business as she has stayed by her husband’s side as he slowly starts to recuperate.

For more information, read Shelley’s blog , visit Hugh’s Bite Nite Facebook page or check out the hashtag #hughsbitenite on Twitter.

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