Informational Open House Tonight Regarding Infestations of the Light Brown Apple Moth

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The Office of Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal advises of an informational open house that will be held today, Wednesday, June 8th at Recreation Park. The community meeting will focus on the local infestations of an exotic insect, the Light Brown Apple Moth, which has been found in host plants in the City of Long Beach.  The California Department of Food & Agriculture will be present to answer any questions regarding the program for interested citizens in the treatment area.

Infestations of an exotic insect, the Light Brown Apple Moth, have been found in host plants in the City of Long Beach. The insect has recently invaded California and become established in 20 counties. It is of particular concern because it can damage a wide range of crops and other plants including California’s prized cypress as well as redwoods, oaks and many other varieties commonly found in California’s urban landscaping and public parks. The list of agricultural crops it can damage include: grapes, citrus, stone fruit (peaches, plums, nectarines, cherries, apricots) and many others.

The USDA and California Department of Food & Agriculture are working with the County of Los Angeles Agriculture commissioner to combat this pest using an integrated pest management program that will include the release of sterile moths. This practice has been effective in the past – keeping the Mediterranean fruit fly from establishing in the LA basin and the cotton pest, pink bollworm, out of the San Joaquin valley.

In order to evaluate its effectiveness, a pilot project will be located in a one square mile area in the center of the infestation in Long Beach. This area is from Ocean Blvd to 8th Street, and from Temple Avenue to Ximeno Ave. The sterile moths are expected to be released during the week of June 13th.

The informational open house will be held today, Wednesday, June 8, 2011, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm  at Recreation Park 5001 Deukmejian Drive, Long Beach, 90804.


One Response to “Informational Open House Tonight Regarding Infestations of the Light Brown Apple Moth”
  1. RobertWilliams says:


    The entomologist who first noticed it, three courts who evaluated it, the state senate committee on agriculture all determined that the moth is a NON-ISSUE to agriculture.

    Only the California Department of Agriculture (CDFA), the USDA, and the chemical companies who stood to rob the taxpayers of $100 Million per year for unnecessary pesticide contracts for 30 years are keeping this propaganda about LBAM alive. Also, A couple of kiss-up county agriculture commissioners who promote the CDFA’s scams rather than working for the people of the county.

    In Northern California, these false claims about LBAM were finally uncovered and CDFA had to stop the insanity there. But in order to continue to rob taxpayers, CDFA is now pulling the same scam in San Diego and Long Beach, where the people simply aren’t familiar with the truth about this moth and this fraudulent program.

    The quarantines and interference with farming are very real, but they are caused by the CDFA, not LBAM.

    Contact any/every agriculture commissioner in the state and you will find: NO DOCUMENTED DAMAGE FROM LBAM in the state of California. Media reports of damage are taken from false information given to the media by the CDFA.

    LBAM has been in the state for over 50 years now, not a recent arrival as CDFA preaches, and again, NO DAMAGE, NONE. Check for yourself!

    See a Professor’s Press Release on the Fraud of the CDFA LBAM program: