Introduction to Social Media Success: Synergy, synchronicity and sizzle

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social media class long beachBright and early on Thursday, April 15, Long Beach Publicist and social media expert Melissa Balmer will teach a class on “Creating Synergy, Synchronicity & Sizzle – An Introduction to Social Media & Public Relations Sucesss.”

In this hour an a half course Balmer will share how to harness the power of social media and public relations to better engage current customers, potential customers, and the media in your product, brand, and services for greater levels of success and return on investment.

Attendees at this class will also learn:

  • The importance of authentic story telling to your brand
  • Why this is a “buggy whip vs. the car” moment
  • Why public relations is worth so much
  • An overview of the social media arena (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp & more)
  • Which social media tools can work best for you & why
  • Key examples of local companies doing it right
  • How to put your own social media & public relations campaign into play
  • Why cross pollination works so amazingly well

This social media class is specifically designed for the “4th Street Long Beach” business association and the local businesses in this region of Long Beach. The training will include a detailed handout, no lap top required!

The class will take place April 15 (rescheduled from April 8) at Portfolio Coffee House at 2300 East 4th St. in Long Beach. The class is $30 per person and registration is required in advance to attend (please see website link below).

For further details on the class and to register online please go to: or call (562) 612-0197. Another social media class for the Belmont Shore shopping district is scheduled for Tuesday May 4, 2010 at Legend’s Sports Bar at 8 a.m.

Long Beach-native Melissa Balmer is a an “ideator” – a public relations and marketing consultant specializing in creatively connecting people, services, and movements via engaging story telling, special events, and both traditional and social media placement. For more on Melissa and her upcoming social media classes go to She can also be reached via email at or telephone (562) 612-0197.

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