It’s All In The Bank! Long Beach Time Exchange One-Year Anniversary is Cause For Celebration

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Celebrate a year of time banking in Long Beach on Sunday, September 18th. The Long Beach Time Exchange will host its one-year anniversary event at the 2nd City Council Art Gallery at 435 Alamitos Ave. in Long Beach from 2pm to 4:30pm. This free event will showcase time-bank members’ skills and talents and will include food, live music, and information about time banking—a system where community members give and receive services through the exchange of time rather than money.

In its first year, the Long Beach Time Exchange has attracted nearly 200 individual members and 15 organizational members who have exchanged more than 2,600 hours. “We have a strong base of active members and are looking forward to expanding over the next year. A major goal is to have time-banking leaders and community hubs throughout the various Long Beach neighborhoods,” said LBTE co-founder Tony Damico.

The types of services offers and requested are as diverse as the LBTE membership and include haircuts, childcare, financial planning and tax preparation, photography, tutoring, massage and other healing arts, organizing and help around the house, rides to the airport and medical appointments, and more.

Although time-bank members sometimes do direct exchanges, the time-banking system is set up to allow exchanges throughout the community. When a member does something to help another member, she or he earns “time dollars” for the amount of time spent. That member can then spend his or her time dollars with anyone else in the time-banking network.

Some of LBTE member Lily Begler’s exchanges have included providing childcare and jewelry repair and receiving guitar lessons. She said, “All of my time exchange experiences have been really rewarding. I feel like I am getting closer to my friends as well as expanding into parts of my community that I would not normally have the chance of encountering.”

Vanessa Acosta, a LBTE steering committee member, said, “The Long Beach Time Exchange is such a positive addition to our community because it recognizes that everyone has something to give and we’re stronger together. I encourage everyone to come out on the 18th to celebrate with us and learn more.”

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