It’s Official: The Transit Mall Station has a New Name

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Downtown Long Beach Station

The Transit Mall Station will be renamed Downtown Long Beach Station.

Councilmember Suja Lowenthal (Second District) announced the results of a one month survey of residents and businesses to name the Blue Line station on 1st Street between Pine Avenue and Pacific Avenue in Downtown Long Beach.

“An overwhelming number of those taking the survey selected ‘Downtown Long Beach Station’ to replace the current name of ‘Transit Mall’ Station, which will give visitors and tourists a better sense of place for the terminus,” said Lowenthal. “Hopefully, it will encourage more tourists from LA to hop on the Blue Line for an evening in our beautiful downtown.” 

The opportunity to rename the station came after renovation of the Long Beach Transit Mall in 2011, when MTA informed the City that “Transit Mall” was a name without a clear geographical destination (see naming guidelines below). City Council supported Lowenthal’s request to work with stakeholders in the Downtown to reach consensus on a new name to be forwarded to MTA for approval.

Using social media, community partners and press coverage, residents and businesses were encouraged to participate in an online community survey over a one month period of time from March 12th to April 12th. The survey offered four potential names based on MTA policy and an open field for additional suggestions. The suggested names were, Downtown Long Beach Station, Transit Mall Station, Pine Avenue Station and 1st Street Station.

“Downtown Long Beach Station” received 169 votes; followed by “Transit Mall Station” with 61 votes, “Pine Avenue Station” with 49, “First Street Station” with 48 and then dozens of other suggestions from residents such as Long Beach Promenade Station, Civic Center Station and Seaside Station. Lowenthal has placed an item on the Council agenda for May 21st to submit the recommended name to MTA for adoption.

According to MTA’s policy for naming transit centers and facilities, names must refer to: a nearby street or freeway; a well-known destination or landmark; a community or district name; or a city name.

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