Jazz in the Sun: Art by Maria Elena Cruz on display at Portfolio Coffeehouse

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maria-elena-cruzPortfolio Coffeehouse is pleased to present, “Jazz In The Sun”—A Melodic Exploration Of Jazz In Painting by artist and educator, Maria Elena Cruz. The exhibition runs from August 1 to September 28th, 2009, with an Artist Reception on August 29th, 2009.

Maria Elena Cruz studied the arts at El Camino College and Pasadena Art Center, and has been teaching for the past 10 years, working with at-risk youth and adults with mental illness. She has exhibited her original designs in various galleries throughout Los Angeles and represented by the PR firm Diversity in Art.

“I use a trumpet player in my jazz images for multiple reasons,” explains Cruz. “On my journey as an artist, Miles Davis’ music has had a powerful influence in my work. A friend who was a very talented trumpet player exposed me to his music.”

“Occasionally, we would go for hikes and he would walk to a cliff and perform while I would sit and draw near the waterfall. At one point, I looked up to see him play and admired his posture and passion as he performed and decided to capture the image at that moment.”

“Over the years, I began to listen to Miles’ music while I painted and it would help me to transpose my emotions onto the canvas. The circular motion in the background of each painting reflects the movement of the music that draws me in. Although, the image that I use in most of this series is not Miles Davis, they all carry the title of his music because of the influence that both the music and my friend has had in my journey as an artist.”

About Portfolio Coffeehouse

For nearly two decades, Portfolio Coffeehouse has hosted legions of local coffee drinkers amidst the tree-lined neighborhoods of Midtown Long Beach. Offering a wide selection of handcrafted food & pastries—and of course enticing coffee/tea brews—Portfolio also presents live music, poetry readings, and fine art exhibitions regularly in an eclectic locale.

Portfolio Coffeehouse is located at 2300 East 4th Street in Long Beach. For more information, call Portfolio Coffeehouse at (562) 434-2486 or visit them online at www.portfoliocoffeehouse.com.

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