Artist Jocelyn Foye Presents Field Dance & The Crane at A LOT

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Artist Jocelyn Foye, known for her dynamic performance-based works, will present a spectacular dance and music project as part of the Arts Council for Long Beach’s A LOT Initiative. For this project, Field Dance & The Crane, Jocelyn will transform amateur dancers into complex, choreographed forms. Scores of community members will appear in three dances, performing to a soundtrack that ranges from Pop (Pharrell William’s Happy) to ultra-contemporary (Megan Trainor’s All About the Bass). All of this will be captured in a series of aerial views, all from a crane nine stories in the air.

Jocelyn Foye will be joined by choreographer Brian Moe, the artistic director of INKED Dance. Moe will provide his artistic vision as a choreographer to the project. Live music will be provided by Long Beach’s Slushbox, whose brand of high energy, eco-glam rock will be the soundtrack to the third and final crowd performance of the day.

Field Dance & The Crane will take place on October 18, from 10am – noon, at the intersection of Artesia and Atlantic Blvd. in Long Beach.

About Jocelyn Foye: Jocelyn partners with performers and athletes to capture their movements and gestures as experimental paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures. She has worked with sumo wrestlers, opera singers, dancers, boxers, air guitarists, and roller derby teams in her past creative projects. Hew work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States and Europe. She holds a MFA from California State University, Long Beach, and is a recipient of the California Community Foundation’s Fellowship for Emerging Artists.

The A LOT Initiative is an effort by the Arts Council of Long Beach to activate underused urban open spaces while engaging the community in the arts. Funding is provided by the National Endowment of the Arts and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.

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