Julie Schwarz Named New Market Manager For Harbor Area Farmers Markets

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Harbor Area Farmers Markets (HAFM) announced that Julie Schwarz has been named as the organization’s new market manager. Schwarz is stepping into the position vacated by former market manager, Dale Whitney, upon his retirement. The emphasis at the six market locations will be on green businesses, sustainability, small farms, market integrity and diversification as it celebrates its 35th anniversary.

“We’ll be stepping up our commitment to the community with the addition of a community outreach coordinator, creating a new logo and celebrating our history as one of SoCal’s oldest markets,” said Schwarz.

The new market manager comes to Harbor Area Farmers Market with a wealth of experience. Schwarz worked for SD Weekly Markets in San Diego and has 20 years of experience in the service, hospitality and retail industries. The HAFM operates year-round, featuring more than 100 farmers and vendors.

Fresh, organic and locally grown produce provides area residents with the elements of a healthy diet. The markets are certified by the State of California and farmers are only allowed to sell what they grow. HAFM provides a venue for access to healthy foods to assist low-income populations while supporting small family farms.

The markets have become landmarks; enticing tourists to visit and sample what California growers have to offer. Food that isn’t sold each day is collected by charitable organizations to help feed the disadvantaged. HAFM provides programs and incentives that offer savings for seniors, the poor and disabled.

The markets are also home to a variety of vendors offering non-agricultural items. Products range from gourmet pecan pralines, fresh seafood and a myriad of snacks, along with specialty foods to enjoy while browsing. As part of HAFM committed to green and sustainable options, vendors use no plastic bags. Customers bring their own choice of shopping bags and containers from home.

As the new market manager of Harbor Area Farmers Market, Schwarz will be creating unique ways to celebrate the group’s 35th anniversary that supports farmers and provides consumers with healthy edibles. Website and social media options will also be forthcoming to enhance the user experience.

For more information, Schwarz can be reached by visiting Harbor Area Farmers Markets via Facebook.

About Harbor Area Farmers Markets
Headquartered at 759 Linden Ave., Long Beach, CA, Harbor Area Farmers Markets represents a collection of six farm markets that’s one of the oldest and most well established in the Southern California area, celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2015. The markets are committed to providing healthy produce to consumers in venues located in Huntington Park, Long Beach Uptown, Long Beach Downtown, Cerritos, Long Beach Southeast and South Gate. HAFM maintains a presence on Facebook and Instagram.

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