Justin Rudd’s Community Action Team Celebrates First Anniversary of Free Daily Book Swap

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Thousands of great books, magazines, DVDs, and CDs have come and gone to the corner of The Toledo @ Corona Ave. in Belmont Shore. The Red Wagon averages 200-300 books at a time and is open daily from about 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Justin Rudd started this book swap in his bulldog’s red wagon after seeing the success of another book swap on Cherry Ave. near 7th. The swap on Cherry is no longer going on, but Rudd and his bulldog Riley still oversee the comings and goings of the Red Wagon’s books many times each day.

The books and the wagon are put away each evening and get put back out for the public each morning. The Swap attracts an equal number of neighbors and out-of-the area passersby. The Swap averages a few guest each hour.

There is a section for kids, too. In fact, the most popular items at the book swap are books for kids and current editions of popular magazines.

Those who have books or magazines to donate can leave the items at the Wagon during the day. The Swap only accepts this month’s magazines.

The Red Wagon’s Facebook fan page has 683 followers.

Be a fan at www.facebook.com/RedWagonBookSwap
Contact Justin@JustinRudd.com

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