Kallusive Hosts 1st Annual Hip Hop Competition

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enkore-flyer Dance compitition terrace theatreInternational clothing company, Kallusive, LLC, and the director of VIBE Dance Competition, which has been running for 15 years, will be hosting their first annual hip hop competition showcase, called ENKORE, scheduled to take place on October 16, 2010 at the Long Beach Terrace Theater.

ENKORE will be the most exclusive hip hop dance showcase the community has witnessed as each act has been hand-picked and accepted by an invitation-only basis. The concept behind ENKORE is to present an experience, not just for the audience, but for performers, judges and guests as well, according to organizers. The show will present a complete hip hop experience in a cohesive and never-before-seen package with precision and attention to detail at every corner, at our cost, according to President of Kallusive, Alex Cotraviwat.

World-renowned host Mookie of Hip Hop Internationals and VIBE Dance Competition will be the MC for the night. He will be introducing a range of exhibition and competitive acts such as: Little Demon, an 8 year old break-dancing phenomenon from Step Up 3D, Beat Freaks from Season 3 of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew and from the creators of Anbu Black Ops, which received a standing ovation at VIBE 15, brings you Kalllusive’s very own Kinjaz, directed by Mike Song and Anthony Lee. Movement Lifestyle, whose individuals have choreographed for Korean superstars Big Bang, Se7en, Taeyang, and 2ne1, will be collaborating to bring a rare performance together for ENKORE. Also, choreographer Tessandra Chavez of So You Think You Can Dance, will present her team: Unity LA.

The intense competition will include Kaba Modern, established in 1992 through UC Irvine’s Kababayan, whose members were featured as one of the top crews in the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew and Choreo Cookies, originating from San Diego, will try to defend their title as the top competitive crew in the scene. Common Ground will bring a special performance marking the end of an era for their team as many of their founders and original members will be performing for the last time together at ENKORE. Lastly, NSU Modern proudly stands as the first competitive Nikkei dance group originating from UCLA’s Nikkei Student Union, the institution’s only Japanese American student association.

One of the battles that will take place is between Toybox (Kinjaz and KM Legacy) against Ritchie Ramirez of CSLA in the house dance exhibition battle. Putting their popping skills to the test will be ‘Pacman’ from So You Think You Can Dance and ‘Devious’ of John Chu’s LXD.

Although these names may not be known in the average household, anyone who has a remote interest in pop culture could identify a handful, and those immersed in the hip hop dance circuit would easily exclaim at the magnitude of talent that they are about to experience.

“The ENKORE line-up features some of today’s most phenomenal talents and their production plans are the most exciting in dance,” said Arnel Calvario, founder of Kaba Modern and National Board President of Culture Shock. “Both the artists and audience are in for an unforgettable experience.”

Movement Lifestyle, a choreographer management company started by world celebrated dancer Shaun Evaristo, will be teaming up with Kallusive for ML X ENKORE t-shirts which will be on sale at the event along with the official Kinjaz X Kallusive shirt.

A large portion of the proceeds from the T-Shirt sales at ENKORE will be donated to Culture Shock LA’s after-school dance outreach program for youth. California’s recent budget cuts affected the arts programs the most forcing CSLA to shut down their outreach program. With this charitable donation, CSLA will be able to continue their efforts to keep inner city youth out of trouble as well as give hope and joy to disabled children.

This event will be covered by LA Weekly, Los Angeles Times, Korea Times, Pacific Rim, Thatsfresh.com, Kallusive TV, Blogging ABDC, and many other major media outlets.

Pre-sale tickets will be on sale starting September 16, 2010 at $25 each. Make sure to grab one at the Box Office of Long Beach Terrace Theater located at 300 E. Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90069, through Ticketmaster or follow us on Facebook for more information on the official ENKORE Ticket Tour.

For more information contact: Jason Park Kallusive Clothing, LLC
Phone: 949.232.6071, Fax: 773.337.5385,  Jason@kallusive.com or the Kallusive website.

About Kallusive
Established in 2006, Kallusive, LLC took the fashion world by storm by introducing a brand of inspirational wearable art that branched many different lifestyles. Kallusive has been a staple of the urban dance scene since the beginning, and is now one of the most recognizable brands in the whole industry. Kallusive is deeply rooted in the scene with its sponsorship of such dance events as VIBE and World of Dance, to being the main clothing sponsor for America’s Best Dance Crew, to working with crews such as Kaba Modern, Quest Crew, Hype 5-0, Poreotics, Fanny Pak, and Culture Shock LA. Kallusive.

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