Kashiwa: The New Place for Sushi in Signal Hill

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Kashiwa Sushi BarSignal Hill isn’t always the best place to grab some food, so when you find yourself there, sometimes it can be a bit confounding to figure out what you want to eat. With a smart phone, you can sometimes rely on Yelp to lead you in the right direction, and that is what I did last week after a much needed Costco trip. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that there was a sushi restaurant a block away, with great reviews, I had to try it!

Kashiwa has only been open about a month, and you can tell from the cleanliness when you enter. It is quiet, and welcoming with new tables, chairs, a beautiful yet small sushi bar, and very friendly servers. 

We sat at one of the four top tables and took a look at the menu. I was impressed with the array of sushi rolls as well as the sushi and sashimi plates. We decided to split the Nigiri-Matsu sushi plate which consisted of a California roll, tuna, yellowtail, salmon, flounder, shrimp albacore and tobiko.  We also ordered a couple of hand rolls, miso soup and edamame. Kashiwa also has beer and plum wine available as well as delicious green tea and an amazing potato salad that has cucumber and carrots going through it!

The potato salad side came out first, and it was definitely different in a really wonderful way, with the cucumber included inside it. The miso soup and edamame were solid. The hand rolls were a perfect size, not too huge to eat but the bell of the ball was the Nigiri-Matsu which was big enough for us to split with the addition of the hand rolls. The fish was fresh and tasty and we were very impressed with the sushi chefs.

Kashiwa also has a lot of cooked items on the menu and lunch specials!

Our service was excellent, with very attentive waitresses and sushi chefs. The only drawback of Kashiwa was that it was so new; they hadn’t had their high chairs delivered yet! I am so excited to return and introduce my daughter to the great sushi at Kashiwa!

Kashiwa 2201 East Willow Street, Suite G, Signal Hill, 90755. For more information check out the website at: http://kashiwarestaurant.com/.

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