Keen Club Expands Social Outings for Seniors

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Keen Home Care has just launched a new social group for its clients, fittingly named Keen Club, designed to provide clients with enriching activities and social engagement with peers, according to Machelle Thompson, founder and president of Keen Home Care.

The first activity of the club was a lunch meeting held on the beautiful patio at Claire’s at the Museum overlooking the sparkling Pacific Ocean.

“We have had special social outings in the past centered around popular holidays. Those gatherings have been extremely stimulating and appreciated by everyone. After seeing the peer-to-peer interactions and excitement, it made sense to start Keen Club and offer regular outings for all of our clients in small groups,” explained Thompson. “It brings me great joy to hear the life stories and wit expressed by our clients, and I’m thrilled that they will be able to share those moments with each other.”

The goal of Keen Home Care always has been to provide personal care that transforms each client’s home into his or her own safe and comfortable assisted living arrangement, providing the highest possible quality of life. By adding monthly Keen Club meetings at various locations in Long Beach and nearby locations, the in-home care is supplemented with interactions that enrich their lives even more.

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