Local Long Beach Artist, Kelly Corsino to Appear In “What Is New Thought” Documentary

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“What Is New Thought” Documentary

Kelly Corsino

Rising Positive Music star, Kelly Corsino, has been included in a documentary video by musician and independent video producer Jon Miller. The video is currently in production and simply asks the question, “What Is New Thought?” Elements of the New Thought Movement have influenced American culture for many years. Self-Help books, the World Faith Movement, Alcoholics Anonymous and The Secret are all examples of New Thought principles that have changed millions of American lives.

Although it is growing, the idea of New Thought as a comprehensive, organized movement, is still relatively unknown. The goal of the documentary is to reveal the various ways in which New Thought impacts our world.

Ms. Corsino has been involved in music and performance for most of her life. Her parents started a Top 40 band in the 60’s and Kelly began performing with her parents regularly around the age of seven singing popular music at that time and then went on to become a studio singer. When Kelly was in her 20’s she started a performance art project called Raven Wylder and played the Los Angeles club circuit for several years.

As a student of life, Kelly began studying Shin Buddhism with Reverend Marvin Hirada at the Orange County Buddhist Temple in 1997, and in 2005 she found the teachings of Ernest Holmes and the Science of Mind. Inspired by her Spiritual practice and the music of such powerhouse Spiritual artists as Rickie Byers-Beckwith, she began writing music in the New Thought genre with her own unique style. As a regular singer at her Spiritual community, Namaste Center for Spiritual Living in Long Beach CA and the teachings of Senior Minister Reverend Dr. Kristin Hawkins, she was compelled to create her newly released CD “Within” to help introduce people to the New Thought teachings through the Universal language of music.

Kelly Corsino is a Long Beach based singer, songwriter and performer. Most Sunday’s she can be seen performing at Namaste Spiritual Center in Long Beach, California.

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