Knots, Clots, Kooks & Mooks: Klutch Exhibit Opens at DDR Projects

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klutchdeckDDR Projects Fine Art Gallery proudly presents Knots, Clots, Kooks & Mooks :: The art of Klutch with an opening reception Saturday, May 16 from 7p.m. to 10 p.m.


Klutch, who is best known as the cranky old punk responsible for the Vinyl Killers project, has been creating visual mischief for over two decades. From his work with the early 1980’s hardcore punk scene and the legendary Skull Skates, to painting backgrounds for Nike advertisements, his work has appeared around the world on t-shirts, skateboards, city walls, magazines, and of course art galleries. In 2005 the suite he created at San Francisco’s Hotel Des Arts was featured in Time magazine’s annual “Best Of” issue.


Somehow both genuinely old school and aesthetically innovative, Klutch’s work continues to evolve not only along with, but also outside of the pervasive iconography of the current artistic movement. It is a visual signature that is recognizable in all of it’s varied incantations, regardless of medium. Though the movements that birthed his career have long succumbed to the mortalities of popular culture and reincarnated, raised by a new generation, Klutch has ridden the waxed curbed on the edge of transient style and never fallen into the time specificity of any particular scene. And like the strange phoenix of the punk movement, he doesn’t seem to burn out or fade away.

Klutch lives and mostly works in Portland and is an avid fan of the mossy green surroundings known as the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest.

DDR Projects is located at 3403 E. Broadway (at Redondo), Long Beach. Get more information online at

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